Save some money (the easy way)

Is one of your 2018 aims to save money but you don’t know how to make it achievable? Here are some suggestions to make it happen this year (without you missing out):

  • It’s all about the savings – set up a savings account with a different bank (so it makes it harder for you to dip into!) and set up a standing order for at least 10% of your monthly paycheck to go into that account.
  • Embrace your nostalgia and get a piggy bank – put every gold coin you get in your purse into a piggy bank – you’ll be surprised at how much gets saved over the course of a year!
  • Discounts are available – before you buy anything check out discount sites and voucher codes such as Groupon.
  • Shop smart – doing some clothes shopping online? Add the items you like to your wishlist/basket and keep them in there until a special offer arrives – most sites will have a special offer/discount every month or so so wait for the email to pop up and then go for it girl! Make sure you have signed up for email alerts to ensure you find out about sales as soon as they are on.
  • Be a loyal customer – sign up to (free) rewards cards in-store – whether it’s a supermarket, chemists, clothes shop, nail salon, airline – if they have a loyalty card you can sign up for (and it’s free) – do it! It pays to stay loyal and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the points rack up and the discounts you can get.
  • Broaden your shopping sphere – look at new websites that you can order from – most will have a pop up offering you money off your first order/when you sign up to a newsletter.
  • Sharing’s caring – a lot of websites will offer you and a friend money off for an introduction so check out referral incentives and spread the word!
  • Treat yourself! In the same way as it’s much harder to stick to a diet if you never allow yourself treats, the same is true when you’re budgeting. Set yourself a monthly budget for spending on “fun things” and stick to it – a good guide is 10% of your monthly paycheck – this doesn’t include any bills/rent etc – it’s just for fun! It helps if you put this “fun” money into a separate account.
  • Geek is chic – create a budgeting spreadsheet  to help you plan your finances – allocate money for rent, bills etc, but also money you will save (and some money for fun too!)
  • Get it on Gumtree! Why not do some decluttering  and think about what you  can get rid of and put it on Gumtree/eBay etc and see if you can get a little extra cash for your secondhand goods?

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