How to write a good dating profile

Are you looking to venture into the world of online dating? Or are you currently but not having much luck? Check out our tips below for writing a good dating profile:

  • Be yourself – when writing a dating profile there can be the temptation to try and put on a bit of a persona because of course you want people to like you and want to get to know you. You obviously want to highlight the good, fun and interesting things about you (and remember there are lots!) but be real as well – if you’re a shy, quiet type who doesn’t like partying, say that. Equally if you’re really outgoing and love to be out every night, highlight that! Be true to yourself and this will help you find the right person for you!
  • Select the right photos – photos are key in a dating profile – your profile photo is the first thing someone will look at. So firstly, make sure your face is clearly visible – a photo taken from a distance of you in fancy dress (while it may be a great photo!) isn’t going to show someone what you look like. Ensure the photo you’ve selected is recent (we’ve all been on those dates where someone looks very different from their profile picture!) and make sure you’re smiling! Add additional photos to your profile to show a bit more about you and what you enjoy doing. Have you been on holiday recently? Is there a hobby you love doing? Have you been to a fancy event? Include some photos that give someone more of a picture (lol) of you and also it helps if you have a cool or fun photo that someone can use as a conversation starter (e.g. “I see you recently went on holiday” or “Ah, you like tennis too”).
  • Ask your friends to describe you – sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with dating profiles so why not ask a couple of your closest friends to help you out and highlight how they would describe you and that’s a good place to start.
  • Say at least one interesting thing about yourself – this serves two purposes – you want whoever is looking at your profile to want to know more about you, but also, it’s a good way for them to easily engage in conversation with you (hey, you’ve got to give them a bit of help!).
  • Be clear about what you’re looking for – looking for a fling? (hey, we’re not judging!) looking for a serious relationship? Not sure yet? Whatever you’re looking for, make sure you’re open about it in your profile – you will find people on dating sites who are looking for different things and that’s totally ok! But if you’re looking for a fling and haven’t said that on your profile and you start dating someone who is looking for a serious relationship (or vice-versa) it’s not going to work and someone could get hurt. So be up front from the start to better your chances of matching with the right person for what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t give it all away! A┬ádating profile is designed to tell someone a bit about yourself and prompt them to engage in conversation with you so that you can then decide whether you want to get to know each other further and whether there might be a mutual interest – you don’t need to give someone your life story in your profile – save something to talk about on the date!


Above all, remember that you are awesome and there is someone out there who is your perfect match and will love everything about you (even those things that you don’t love about yourself) so be confident, love yourself and you will find them!

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