Help – I have a hangover!

Had a big weekend? Not ready for Monday? Don’t panic – follow these top tips to get you through the day…

1 – Eat as well as you can for breakfast – try to resist the temptation to eat a big fried breakfast which no doubt is what you feel like. but will make you feel worse. Instead, try having a couple of pieces of wholemeal toast with eggs and apple or cranberry juice.

2 – Drink lots of water – water is your friend! Drink 2 litres of water to help boost your dehydrated body and skin and start getting you feeling back to normal (or at least as normal as you can with a hangover!).

3 – Make your make up work for you – Under eye concealer and white eye pencil are the best make up tools to help perk up those tired looking eyes.

4 – Have a berocca – dissolve a berocca tablet in your first glass of  water in the morning to give your body a multivitamin boost and help with your mental sharpness and physical energy.

5 – Keep busy – if you’ve had a big “Sunday session”, chances are you didn’t sleep very well and a long Monday in the office can seem endless. To avoid giving too many telltale signs to your colleagues (or boss) and make the day go much quicker, keep as busy as possible – make those phone calls you’ve been putting off, type out those emails, arrange those meetings – just try to avoid too much important detail work when your concentration is lacking!

If all else fails, head to the toilets and have a quick power nap! #youglowgirl



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