How to write the perfect CV

Time for a new job? Read our guide below on how to make sure your CV stands out for the right reasons:

Sometimes boring is best…

All too often people make the mistake of trying to “stand out” by adding quirky quotes/statements/colours – this is a big no no and will make your CV stand out for all the wrong reasons! Your CV is a professional document and represents you as a professional in the workplace. Therefore, making your CV colourful, adding borders, lots of different fonts etc is not advised.

Leave the quotes for instagram!

This is a big no no. Whilst quoting people can be great on instagram, in your CV it is cheesy full stop. Don’t do it!

We’re not looking to date you!

Personal details are important to include on your dating profile but you are applying for a job not a life partner! Therefore, anything person such as whether you smoke or not, marital status, number of children, age etc. are completely irrelevant! You will find some companies now, being much more conscious of diversity than ever before in the corporate world, actively discourage people from putting anything that could potentially impact their unconscious bias. 

You’re writing a CV not a book!

As tempting as it can be to write everything you have ever done in your work life on your CV, the result is a lengthy document which quite frankly people don’t have time to read and distracts from what people really want to know.

So all the budding bestselling authors out there – save your writing for a book not your CV! 3 pages maximum is what you are aiming for – be brutal – do we really need to know all the duties you had 10 years ago?

Playing hard to get are we?

Surprisingly one of the common mistakes people make is not including their contact details on their CV, or making them hard to find – your contact details should be front and centre! And make sure you have the correct number and email address – if people can’t reach you easily, they’ll go to the next CV on the short list.

Check, check, check

Pretend you’re at school and submitting a really important essay – what’s your biggest friend? That’s right Glow Getters – spellcheck!! The most common mistake people make on their CV is spelling and glaring spelling mistakes (especially if you have classed “attention to detail” as one of your key strengths!) is not a good look!

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